Antikrundan med Håkki Eriksson

lördag 14.5
14:30 - 16:00

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Håkki Eriksson gästar Umeå och festivalen med DJ-projektet Antikrundan. I samarbete med Umeå kommuns Kultur för Seniorer drar han runt på olika seniorboenden och luftar sina 200 vinylskivor från 1936–1978. Tänk ett samtal, en hand på axeln, Cacka Israelssons låt Gamle Svarten och människor som spricker upp i leenden lika varma som sommaren 1914!

Under lördagen kan vem som helst ta del av hans skivspelande i Baren.

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I think people are the most important thing there is. That's why nearly all my work has to do with people, identity, self-esteem and humour. For me, art is a kind of lubricant between function and reflection and a handy phrase that allows you to put society in a blender.”

That's the way Håkki Eriksson sees things. Eriksson is an artist from the small town of Ljungaverk in central Sweden. He challenges preconceived ideas about what it's like to live and work in a rural town, or even in a city, for that matter.

Together with friend Jimmy Turbo Lundgren, Eriksson will visit Umeå and MADE with the DJ project Antikrundan. In cooperation with Umeå Municipality's Culture for Senior Citizens – Culture and Health project, the duo will visit places regularly visited by pensioners, set up speakers and turntables and let loose with their 200 antique vinyl records, at the same time as they chat with the audience, who will likely be very familiar with what they are hearing.

Imagine a conversation, a hand resting on a shoulder, Cacka Israelsson's song Gamle Svarten and old folks breaking into smiles as warm as the summer of 1914!

Håkki will play at senior citizens' homes around Umeå throughout the week. He will also DJ using the rest of his record collection in the bar at NorrlandsOperan on Friday evening.