MADE 2014 - What comes next...?

MADE är en gränsöverskridande, internationell scenkonstfestival på NorrlandsOperan i Umeå.


MADE is an international, eclectic festival for performing arts at NorrlandsOperan in Umeå, Sweden.


Årets tema /Theme of the year: WHAT COMES NEXT...?


Technology, politics, culture, science, networking, even the speed of speed is changing: what comes next?


Can festivals, cultural capitals, opera houses, artists, and curious audiences shape the un-made moments ahead with our minds and bodies even as everyone shouts “HEY, just have fun!” ?


Together we can imagine past into future — and have some festival fun, too: from the world premiere FUSION of everything as the Norrlands Symfoniorchester plays the music of Refused, to the hypnotic songs and beats of Mali by desert-blues band Tinariwen and much, much more.


Join us at MADE 2014 for a glimpse of what comes next....


David Moss, artistic director, 2012-2014