Before Your Visit

What should I wear?
There is no dress code at NorrlandsOperan. Some of our guests come in everyday clothes, others choose to dress more formally. More formal dress means different things to different people. Some may find jeans and a t-shirt acceptable, while another might have a dress made from sealskin and silk prepared by a tailor in Milan for occasions like these. As our guests, what you choose to wear makes no difference to us at NorrlandsOperan. We don't take a position on what clothing you wear.

 Come just as you like!

Some of NorrlandsOperan's staff do have certain dress requirements, however. This is usually stage costumes and the symphony orchestra's musicians, who dress in the same colours. Tailcoats and other antiquated styles were put aside a long time ago. (Sometimes we have guest conductors who wear formal evening attire. That is their custom, so we indulge them.) 

Do I need to read up on the performance in advance?
No, you don't need any prior knowledge to enjoy our performances, although it might be fun and, in some cases, helpful to know a little bit beforehand. If you are the kind of person who likes to be prepared, you can always read what we have written about the performance on our website. Otherwise, you can simply listen to the introduction that is often given in NorrlandsOperan's bar 30 minutes before the performance. 

Your experience is whatever you wish to make of it! How you approach a performance always depends on your previous experience and whatever foreknowledge you may have. Sometimes, it is useful to have prior knowledge of what you will see, and at other times, this knowledge may only serve to interfere with the experience. You are the best judge of whether or not to read up in advance or to let the performance alone make its impression on you.

What is an introduction?
Introductions are usually held by someone who knows a lot about the performance. They are intended to provide "keys" to the piece, so that you, as our guest, will be able to get as much as possible out of the performance. For example, a choreographer may perhaps explain why he or she works a lot with circular movements, which presumably means you will see a lot of nice circles during the performance. A conductor might feel that we should listen for the piccolo, in particular, because it is reminiscent of a certain person's laughter. Before our performance ofCarmen, we explained that at the time that Bizet wrote his famous Spanish opera, he had never actually set foot in Spain. These are the kind of things explained in our introductions.

Who should I ask if I have a question while at a performance?

Please ask any one of our ushers. Ushers are always on hand in the foyer both before and during our performances. You will recognise them by their friendly attitude and by the sashes they wear. You can also ask any questions you may have at the ticket office in the foyer. 

Are refreshments available during the intermission?

Yes. During performances and concerts with intermissions, refreshments are sold in the foyer. You will need cash to pay for this.

Do I have to leave my coat in the cloakroom?
Yes. We require that our guests leave their coats with our cloakroom staff for the majority of our performances. The cloakroom fee is SEK 25. You will need cash to pay for this. (If you don't have cash with you, you can pay at the bar and then show your receipt at the cloakroom.)

How do I know when its time to enter the auditorium?
A bell will sound three times when it's time to enter the auditorium. The third signal is your very last chance to go in and take your seats. Don't be late!

What happens if I'm late?
For the majority of our performances, we do not permit late-comers to enter after the doors have been closed at the start of the performance. This is to avoid distracting both members of the audience and those on stage, who, in the worst-case scenario, may even have their concentration broken and lose their place. In some cases, it is possible to enter quietly a bit later during the performance. Our ushers will know what applies for each occasion. Please respect their decision in cases such as these. Their word is law.

Can I take a look backstage?
NorrlandsOperan is an exciting place to work, with many different departments, studios and stages. If you are a group and would like to take a tour of NorrlandsOperan, please contact Anette Molin, (, +46 (0)90-15 43 00) for more information about guided tours.