Stora basar och små barn

Concert 11.4 – 13.4

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A thrilling musical fairytale for small children with storyteller/singer Kersti Ståbi and a double-bass quartet from the symphony orchestra.

Stora basar och små barn is an all-new performance by storyteller and singer Kersti Ståbi and a double-bass quartet from NorrlandsOperan's Symphony Orchestra. Ståbi grew up in Sweden's Hälsingland province, among folk musicians and troubadours. Folk music and folklore serve as the foundation for her music and storytelling. Here, the double-bass (or contrabass), which all too often stands at the very back of an orchestra and accompanies others, will be placed fairly and squarely on centre-stage as a melody instrument and the main "character" in this performance, with music written especially for four double-basses.


Director: Sigrid Hagersten

Singer and storyteller: Kersti Ståbi

Double-bass: Jan-Emil Kuisma, Josefin Landmér, Charlotte Petersson och Peter Lius