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With his breakneck bassoon concerto, Mats Larsson Gothe reveals a more humorous side to his musical personality than we have seen in his earlier works. The virtuoso solo part included in the performance was written especially for bassoonist Henrik Blixt.

"It feels good to finish my time here with a positive piece," says Larsson Gothe about his final performance of his original work as composer in residence at NorrlandsOperan.


With its unique sound and unusual appearance, the bassoon is like no other instrument. It has an impressive range that stretches from low, organ-like tones, through the warm sounds of the middle register, all the way to the high and very expressive register. The bassoon is often referred to as "the clown of the orchestra", being called upon to play more comical tones.


Larsson Gothe has kept all of this in mind in the piece Ricerco 2 - Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra. He has written the joyful and energetic piece especially for NorrlandsOperan's Symphony Orchestra and talented bassoonist Henrik Blixt.


But this will not be the last time Umeå audiences hear Mats Larsson Gothe, of course. He will return in 2014 with an all-new opera based on P. O. Enqvist's novelThe Book About Blanche and Marie.


Apart from the bassoon concert, we will also enjoy music by two German composers. It is said that composer Max Bruch (1838-1920) was quite an unpleasant type who fell out with everyone he met. Nonetheless, his music is both imaginative and beautiful. The symphony orchestra's principal conductor, Rumon Gamba, is especially fond of Bruch's Swedish Dances , which kick off this concert.

And then a little more music from Germany, too... It has been commented that there was only one thing missing in Felix Mendelssohn's (1809-1847) life - adversity. He was successful, rich, lucky in love and as gifted as Mozart. In this performance, the symphony orchestra will play his grandiose
 Scottish Symphony, which he found the inspiration for on one of his many trips.


Conductor: Rumon Gamba

Soloist: Henrik Blixt, fagott

NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra


Bruch: Swedish Dances

Larsson Gothe: Ricerco 2 - Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (First performance)

Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 3, The Scottish Symphony