Den olydiga ballongen

Concert 29.10

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Den olydiga ballongen

Den olydiga ballongen is part of Umeå Jazzfestival


The performance Den olydiga ballongen was written by Gunnel Linde and Bo Sundblad and was later immortalised by Alice Babs and Bengt Hallberg's adaptation of the music and text in the 1960s.

The jazz musicians singer Lina Nyberg has brought together her children's showband to play at the Jazz Festival. The band has some of Sweden's most talented musicians. They will be performing together, but Lina's new arrangement gives the music a direct and spontaneous voice and, together with the musicians in the children's showband, this ensures a captivating and vibrant concert experience for an enthusiastic young audience.


National Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter had this to say after its première:

"… 100 per cent successful in establishing a dialogue with its young audience. As usual, her adaptation is both elegant and playful and, starting with the excellent material at her disposal, she opens a broader window onto the vast treasure that is Swedish music for children, with a particular focus on the '60s and '70s."


Vocals and arrangements: Lina Nyberg
Children´s showband: Lisa Ulén, piano, Emil Strandberg, trumpet, Nils Berg, flute and bass clarinet, Josef Kallerdahl, base, Peter Danemo, drums