500 kramar

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500 kramar

500 Embraces - a dance-dream performance about identity, rabbits and feelings.

When did you last receive a hug? Is it possible to measure a feeling? In 500 kramar (500 Embraces) we witness three dancers cooking up an emotional recipe complete with lively movements, rabbits and projections.


Claire Parsons' performance includes poetic humour, subtle dance and exciting theatrical expressions. Parsons has created enchanting dance performances for children and youths since 1995 and has been praised for her direct way of speaking to and her captivating interaction with her audience.


Choreography: Claire Parsons and the ensemble

Dancers: Tove Strandell, Moa Westerlund, Per Sundberg

Original music: Anna Gustavsson

Light: Johan Sundén

Projektions: Helene Berg

Costume: Claire Parsons, Bitte Palm

Make-up & hair: Gunilla Pettersson

Set design & scenery:: Katti Alm

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