Air Flatterie

Kids 20.4

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Air Flatterie

Welcome aboard a very different kind of flight!

Follow along on a dizzying, climate-smart journey to every country in the world, where anything at all can happen. On the flight, you can listen to the greatest hits of the last 1,000 years. Why not tap your feet to the beat of Johann Sebastian Bach's undulating Air or dance to Henry Purcell's wild I Attempt? The crew will present a choreographed safety demonstration and play historical instruments such as recorders, lutes and mediaeval percussion instruments. Thecoloratura soprano and flight stewardess Mette af Klint is also on the journey.

Ensemble Flatterie
Soprano:: Mette af Klint
Recorders: Anna-Carin Fogelqvist (blockföjt)
Lutes: Hans Lundquist
Baroque and electric cellos: Pelle Halvarsson
Beats: Trummaskinen Roland R55
Director: Helena Collert
Producer: Anna-Carin Fogelqvist
Arrangements: Hans Lundquist and Pelle Halvarsson