Böjligheter Möjligheter

Kids 24.2–2.3

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Böjligheter Möjligheter

When you combine children’s blocks with a little imagination, anything is possible!

Böjligheter Möjligheter is an dance performance set among cubes in which anything at all is possible. The story branches out like the bough of a tree; takes off and is interwoven with dance, song and music. Shapes and movements take on lives of their own when the performance is given free rein within its young audience's imaginations. Where one child sees an elephant, another sees a tunnel to crawl through; someone else sees a boat, and another, a swing. A sculpture is constructed and then reconstructed to become something different... The possibilities for just what the cubes can represent are endless.

Each performance concludes with a dance workshop for the children.

Choreography/dance: Anna Wennerbeck & Bronja Novak Lindblad
Embla Dansteater