Dance 31.1–2.2

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It’s première time for a new absurd performance by Mattias Fransson and Kristiina Viiala!

Meet the caracters Leiv och Hoon trying to find their place - as a flock, a small group or just two persons indoors...

When living in total geographical confusion, one dreams of a world that existed long ago in the chain of human evolution. You dream of open terrain and of the absence of interpersonal violence. You hope for an orgy of otherworldliness and historical falsification.

You want to procreate with plants and make yourself attractive to animals. You want to travel faster on the snow than a machine could. You want your hair to grow down over your mouth. You want to travel to Papua New Guinea. You want to have arms like a rabbit and eyes that a toad would be proud of. But, most of all, you're searching for that tranquillity that existed before we gave up our nomadic lifestyles."

We last saw Mattias Fransson, member of comedy group Klungan, and Kristiina Viiala, dancer and choreographer, at NorrlandsOperan in their Kunskapsluckan piece.

Working with the new piece they travelled in a caravan (Husbil) through Europe.

Husbil is a joint production by NorrlandsOperan and cultural association Volyo and is part of an initiative to promote choreographers and actors with roots in Västerbotten County.

Text, movement, music, on stage: Mattias Fransson och Kristiina Viiala.

Co-production: NorrlandsOperan och Volyo kulturförening.
Supported by: Konstnärsnämnden, Dansens Hus och Statens kulturråd.