Vita Kuben

Contemporary art 9.11 – 2.12

Erik Bünger: The Third Man

Erik is a Swedish artist, composer and writer living in Berlin.
His work revolves around the human voice and how a closer examination of the voice can undermine our common understanding of categories like identity, freedom, time, space, life and death.

In his performances, videos and installations he explores human song and speech - not as carriers of semantic meaning - but instead he focuses on the leftovers of the signifying operation; when the voice takes on a life of its own. The dead yet vibrant voices of tape recorders and computers, the words beyond words in the ramblings of prophets and glossolalics and the word of God as something, which doesn’t refer, but sets things into motion.

Erik Bünger

Erik Bünger. Photo credit: Juergen Staack