Dance 11.12

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Les Slovaks´talented dancers are back! The dance collective combines retropop and languorous string music with delicacy, humour and warmth in Fragments.

Work on Fragments began on location at NorrlandsOperan in the spring of 2012. Now dance collective Les SlovaKs are in town to deliver the finished product, accompanied by musicians from the string section of NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra.

The music is important; it is the basis for everything that the five dancers do. When composer and friend of the dancers, Simon Thierrée, offered to let Les SlovaKs use a piece he had written for Fragments, the decision was an easy one:

“Simon's music is perfect for dance! It's easy to connect with and has the ability to tell a story, while at the same time leaving itself open to new interpretations,” say the members of the collective.

The only problem was that the piece was too short. That's when Les SlovaKs remembered the music of Melania Ollaryova, a Slovak pop singer who has remained popular since the 1950s, which, while extending the accompaniment, could also be used to represent a part of their background. Retro pop and strings...Well, why not just combine them?!

Each piece of music in Fragments becomes a kind of film or theatrical stage; a world of its own that balloons up on the stage and whose reality changes precisely that moment when the audience begins to believe in it. The dancers have different characters and roles that they have chiselled out together. Each movement reflects images, events or people who have inspired them, together with their main partner – the music.

Choreography & dance by Les SlovaKs Dance Collective;
Milan Herich, Anton Lachky, Milan Tomasik, Peter Jasko, Martin Kilvady

Composer: Simon Thierrée
Conductor: Steven Deciaene
Set design: Les SlovaKs Dance Collective, Joris De Bolle
Lightning design: Joris De Bolle
Costume design: Mat Voorter, Pepa Martinez
Technical Director: Joris De Bolle
Technician: Jan Meuwissen
Production: Phileas Productions

String musicians from NorrlandsOperan´s Symphony Orchestra

Co production: Kaaitheater, Teatre Mercat de les Flors, Hellerau - European Center for the Arts Dresden, NorrlandsOperan.
With the support of: The Flemmish Community