The Elephant Man

Opera 6.10–9.11

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The Elephant Man - The Terrible Tale of the Elephant Man and Jack the Ripper, two Freaks of Nature

Experience the world premiere of The Elephant Man – a frightfully gripping opera about two well known historical figures. One, a monster within and the other, a monster without.

Music: Carl Unander-Scharin
Libretto: Michael Williams
Conductor: Mats Rondin
Stage Director: Keith Turnbull
Costume Design: Annsofi Nyberg
Video Design: epí - Lene Juhl & Mark Viktov
Stage Image: Peter Öhgren
Light Design: Kevin Wyn-Jones
Choreography: Jo Leslie
Mask Design: Anna Andersson

Joseph Merrick: Håkan Starkenberg
Joseph Silver: Karl Rombo
Tom Barker and more: Mats Persson
Ginger: Susanna Levonen
Dr Treves: Peter Kajlinger
Dark Annie and more: Maria Sanner
Policeman and more: Lars Martinsson
Long Liz/Stepmother: Albina Isufi
Katie and more: Heddie Färdig
Polly/Princess Alexandra: Jenny Hertzman

NorrlandsOperan's Sympony Orchestra