Movements' Corner

Dance 29.11–30.11

Movements' Corner

We are aware of “Speakers' Corner” as a place where anyone at all is permitted to hold public speeches. Here, eight artists express themselves together in movement and music instead in Movements’ Corner.

Perhaps you could liken Movements' Corner to a confrontation between the private and the public spheres. Art becomes a communicative interface for a place where dancers, musicians and the architect explore their rhythm, spatiality and history in dialogue with reality.

How are we affected by the environments in which we live and work?

What is expected of you?

Meet four dancers and five sound-emitting boxes in Umeå. Go close, watch from a distance, stay a long while or a short time. See places recreated through contemporary dance and music in a choreographed public speech – a Movements' Corner.

One of the choreographers is Ingrid Olterman, originally from Umeå and returning home for this production. At NorrlandsOperan, she was last in the limelight with the children's production Cykla Bak å Fram, 2013.

Music/composition: Sten Sandell

Choreographer/dance: Amanda Norlander, Måns Erlandsson, Ingrid Olterman, Mikael Strid
Light- and audiotechnique: Lars Liljegren

Ser designer: Lars Arvidsson

: Vidar Sörman