Dance 21.11–26.11

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Humour, warmth and creative role swaps are the order of the day when dancers and musicians seek to find their rightful places among abandoned sheet music, bags and travelators.

In Blås three musicians and three dancers try to find their places in preparing to perform a concert. On the way, and with the help of the audience, they try out different roles and expressions, responsibilities and places on the stage. Wind music from different ages is thrown into the mix with misunderstandings, principles and instructions about how things should be done. The result is both flipper dance and frantic tootling!

Blås is a fictitious concert performed in a familiar setting and deals with how we interpret tasks and roles. Dance and music combine around that which binds us together; right and wrong, roles and games. Around the question of whether it's better to be seen or heard.

In addition to her own works, Claire Parsons has also choreographed for opera and theatre around the world. Her performances are acclaimed for their clever and enchanting dance, in which different and exciting theatrical expressions meet and in which no answer is incorrect.

During the autumn of 2012, audiences were treated to Parsons´500 Kramar at NorrlandsOperan, which, together with the audience, posed the question of whether feelings can be measured. Her performances for children and youths are particularly appreciated for their warmth, humour and the way they address audiences directly.

Make sure you experience Parsons' work for yourself in this family-oriented performance when it débuts at NorrlandsOperan!

Coreography, staging: Claire Parsons
Dancers: Annika Hyvärinen, two more to be announced
Musicians from NorrlandsOperan´s Symphony Orchestra: Linus Mattsson (tuba), Jonas Olsson Hakelind (clarinet), trombone: to be announced
Set design: Katarina Wiklund
Mask, hair: Gunilla Pettersson
Dramaturgy: Tove Salmgren
Music arrangements: Calle Rasmusson
Photo credit: Mateusz Herczka

Co production Claire Parsons Co & NorrlandsOperan
With the support of Kulturrådet & Region Västerbotten