Solo 2009 & Mind a Gap

Dance 17.10


Solo 2009 & Mind a Gap

A contemporary Chaplin and improvised comic book characters on the loose. When Peter Jasko and Anton Lachky from the popular Les SlovaKs dance collective return to Umeå with their own works, we are treated to highly imaginative dance performed by breath-taking dancers.

Act 1:
Peter Jasko's Solo 2009 is a wordless tale of love. As a contemporary Charlie Chaplin, with melancholy and humour tightly interwoven, he takes us on his journey. This solo dance is under constant development and Peter has performed it on stages around the world, and even outdoors on streets and squares. Everywhere, the audience have been in awe of his phenomenal dance technique and touching manner. Now it is finally Umeå's turn.

Act 2:

Anton Lachky's Mind a Gap is about a fictitious country – Tonoland – populated by some fictional comic book characters lost in an unknown story. Five male dancers (one of whom is Peter Jasko from Act 1) have each created their own characters, based on their own personality. In their own little corner of this fantasy universe, they know exactly what counts, but when they finally meet, they are forced to forge new paths and challenge themselves.Mind a Gap is a theatrical adventure that celebrates the dancers' physical expressivity and the instinctive communication that dance can create between people.


Solo 2009

Peter Jasko

Coreography/Dance: Peter Jasko

Music: Simon Thierrée, Trabant, Jozef Vlk, P.I. Tchaikovsky. 

Costume: Sebastien Lamy

Light design and technique: Joris De Bolle

Production: Phileas Productions (BE)

Video: Stanislav Dobak, Bara Sigfusdottir.

Promotion: SEVENTYSEVEN VZW (BE) & Bram Smeyers.

Residens i La Fragua, Belalcazar in Spain.

Mind a Gap

Anton Lachky Company

Coreography: Anton Lachky

Dancers: Milan Herich, Peter Jasko, Seoljin Kim / Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon, Quan Bui Ngoc, Sergi Parés / Beatrice Debrabant

Light design: Joris De Bolle

Audio technique: Tom Daniels


In cooperation with: KVS (Brussels), CHARLEROI/DANSES (Charleroi), HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste (Dresden), Danscentrum jette
 with the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Presented in cooperation with Umeå Teaterförening.

Residencies : La fragua artist residency, Belalcazar (andalousia, Spain)