Dance 16.10–17.10

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Flying floorboards, humour and awesome skills. Enjoy an acrobatic show where four brilliant jugglers play with dance, space and relationship.

Acrobatics, theatre and dance all rolled into one!
This performance brings together four jugglers with an astounding sense of timing. As the area they are standing in shrinks, the four are forced to move closer and closer to one another, losing more and more of their individuality as they go and bringing questions about life and friendship to a head.

At times, laughter gives way to moments of seriousness, but these are quickly overtaken by more comedy and floor tiles go flying all the while until the space that the jugglers occupy is reduced to just one square metre!

It's no surprise that M2 has been performed all over the globe!

With and by: Compagnie Ea Eo;
Eric Longequel, Sander De Cuyper, Jordaan De Cuyper
& Bram Dobbelaere
Assistent directors: Joke Laureyns & Kwint Manshoven
Costume: Nele Content & Laurence Vlerick
Lights & Stage management: David Carney

Co-production: Cie Ea Eo, vzw Cirkus-centrum, Pct Dommelhof, Humorologie
With the support of: Espace Périphérique de la Villette, Latitude 50°, Espace Catastrophe, Essaim de Julie, Académie Fratellini, Ministère de la Cultura de la Communauté Flamande.

Presented by Dansnät Sverige.
In cooperation with Umeå Teaterförening.
Tour support: Kulturrådet.