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Distinctive and expressive

In Scarabé we are confronted by a marvellous universe with spider-infested caves, Japanese Koto music and flexibility and strength that you would never have thought existed. In this performance, Virpi Pahkinen meets dancer Fredrik Quiñones, whose solos are intertwined with each other, reflect and form duets.

Choreographer and dancer Virpi Pahkinen began dancing on Finnish lakes with skates on her feet. Since the early 1990s, she has set her own course and become one of the biggest names on the Scandinavian dance scene. That her sources of inspiration are mysticism and Eastern religion is often reflected in her performances, which are both distinctive and soulful.

The music for Scarabé has been specially composed by musicians from different parts of the world: Japan, Ecuador, Sweden, Norway and the Republic of Guinea. In the same way as Virpi Pahkinen fluently changes guise in her dance, so too does the music, as a mixture extending from West African djembe to throat singing. See a video clip here.


Some of the reviews:
"Scarabé has firmly established Virpi Pahkinen's place as an original and significant choreographer. Her artistry extends far out into the world. Scarabé is an experience you take with you after the performance from Dansens hus. Powerful, soothing, with its own aesthetic. Quite simply dance at its best!” / Gunilla Jensen, Svenska Dagbladet

“It's as if with choreography Pahkinen wants to tell you about how elastic humanity is. Spiritually and physically... And she does something unique when she extends and magnifies what is human.” /Hedvig Weibull, Sveriges Radio

More about Virpi Pahkinen
She has toured in over 45 countries performing as far and wide as the Adelaide Festival in Australia to the Festival Cervantino in Mexico. She has also choreographed works for larger ensembles, including Skånes Dansteater and the Finnish National Opera.  She has received numerous prizes and awards for her works, most recently the royal medal Litteris et Artibus for her outstanding artistic achievements as a dancer and choreographer. Here you can read more about Virpi Pahkinen.



Coreography: Virpi Pahkinen
Dance: Virpi Pahkinen, Fredrik Quiñones
Music: Abou Cobra Camara, Luis Cortés Maya, Chieko Mori, Gunnar Idenstam and Roger Ludvigsen
Costume: Helene Thorsell
Light design: Axel NorénLumination of Sweden
Light technique and technical Coordinator: Angela Ariza
Producent: Emelie Bergbohm

Production: Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company with the support of the Swedish art Council and Swedish Cultural Foundation.

Presented by Dansnät Sverige with the support of the Swedish art Council. In cooperation with Umeå Teaterförening.