Joseph & MM

Dance 10.9


Dance through the camera lens

An evening of dance with two choreographers who both use the medium of film in a fun and interesting way. See Alessandro Sciarroni and Louis Daae stepping in and out of the digital space, and toying with our notions of movement and identity!

A man on the stage, alone, with his back to the audience in front of a computer.  Sound boring? It isn't. Alessandro Sciarroni's Joseph is a compelling journey of discovery on the Net and in the mind of the creator, filtered through the lens of the computer's camera. Boundaries are broken down: between the audience and the digital space; and between us in the audience and the people who Alessandro looks up in real time on the Net. A performance that is both engaging and challenging.

 “Considering the amount of technology used in this show, there is an enormous amount of humanity in it.” /Kelly Apter, The Scotsman

InMM, Norwegian choreographer Ludvig Daae performs a virtual duet with himself. Or is it in fact a solo in two parallel parts, one of which takes place in a pre-recorded projection? The performance develops into a game with reality, in which the relationship between subject and object, creator and artist, is put through a number of comic hoops. As the work progresses, new layers and perspectives reveal themselves. What is the role of filmmaker Joanna Nordahl in this for example?

“This is the best, funniest and most accessible show I have seen in what can otherwise be the somewhat obscure world of contemporary dance. Don't miss it!” /Ebba Petrén, Nöjesguiden

“Some things you want to see a second time. Like Louis Daae's duet with his filmed self, a funny and thought-provoking lark with the relationship between the creator and the created. Go and see it.” /Anna Ångström, SvD


Invention, performance: Alessandro Sciarroni
Drama and study of process: Antonio Rinaldi
Image of the project: Roberto Foddai
Production manager: Marta Morico
Press office: Beatrice Giongo
Production: Teatro Stabile delle Marche in coll. with Corpoceleste_C.C.00# coproduction 
Coproduction: Officina Concordia, Comune di San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
With the support of: Centro per la Scena Contemporanea - Comune di Bassano del Grappa and Amat Matilde: piattaforma regionale per la nuova scena marchigiana and Centrale Fies

Concept and idea, choreography, dance: Ludvig Daae
DoP, film direction, editing, sound: Joanna Nordahl
B-photo, production assistant, press photo: Karolina Bengtsson
Sound recording: Martin Lindström
Grading/post: Johan Wik
Electrician: Mattias Montero
Music: Lune, John De Lira Lindberg
Studio queen: Jenny Herrlin
Technique: Katti Alm
Fotocredits: Karolina Bengtsson
MM was created for, and co-produced by fesvial: display

Thank you: Moderna Museet, Daniel Réhn, MDT, ccap for studio time, Mjuklyx

Presented by Dancenet Sweden with the support of the Swedish Arts Council.
Both works were selected by Aerowaves 2012-13 and will be touring in Dancenet Sweden in autumn 2014.