Vita Kuben – Many Voices

Contemporary art 6.9 – 21.12

Vita Kuben – Many Voices

Vita Kuben is NorrlandsOperan´s exhibition space for contemporary art. The art in Vita Kuben this autumn is based on text and sound, with Imri Sandström as curator.

Vita Kuben's curator this autumn is Imri Sandström, who was born and raised in Umeå, but who currently lives in Malmö. Sandström works with text, sound, images, film and performance. Her works tie together historical, religious and contemporary stories, which she rewrites, portrays and retells in new ways. Together with Elin Mörkberg, Sandström also plays in the band Kids of the Ranch. This is what Sandström herself has to say about Vita Kuben's programme this autumn:

“My idea for this autumn's exhibition is to focus on text-sound art; a field that is rarely given a place in galleries. At its core, it's about body and language; about how language is considered to be pure – a system – with rules and grammar. And how the body is viewed as something uncontrollable. And that's where the voice comes from. There is great potential within text-sound art to challenge our ideas about what language is for, what it wants and what it can do.”

First out is poet and artist Cia Rinne, who explores both voice and language in a playful, conceptual way. The Sounds for Soloists project exists in the borderland between writing, performance and visual art, where language functions as text, sound and images simultaneously.

Caroline Bergvall's work is also interdisciplinary, moving between different art forms and linguistic genres. In her text-based work, she often tackles difficult historical and political events and their impact. In the Public Address-exhibition, we encounter the audio piece Osis and the silent film Front.Front was created in response to the disaster in Fukushima and other seismic disasters that have affected large parts of the world since the Indonesian tsunami of 2004.

Exhibitions 2013:
6.9–12.10 Cia Rinne: Sounds for Soloists
18.10–16.11 Different work by different artists – to be announced later.
22.11–21.12 Caroline Bergvall: Public Address

Opening day
Opening day of a new exhibition is always a Friday. In the afternoon, 4–5 pm we serve some bubbly cider, a little snack and you are welcome to experience the new artist´s work. Free of charge of course.

Opening hours:
During exhibition time VIta Kuben is open;

Mon–Wed 11.00–13.00
Thurs 11.00–13.30 & 17.00–20.00
Fri 11.00–13.30 & 16.00–20.00
Sat 17.00–20.00.

Vita Kuben is also open in connection with concerts and other scheduled performances at NorrlandsOperan.

Vita Kuben is located in the foyer of the opera house, on the second floor above the restaurant.