Concert 18.6–19.6


StadionMusik Årstidskonsert 4

World class athletes and a symphony orchestra? Gymnastics and a screaming guitar solo? Pole vault and a soprano?

The ‘season of growing’ commences with Stadionmusik (Stadium music), a dramatic performance that, in an innovative way, mixes the ingredients of arena sport with contemporary classical music. This arena performance in Umeå’s Noliahallen brings together around 400 participants, including Olympic-level sportspeople, soloists, NorrlandsOperan’s symphony orchestra, young athletes and choirs.

David Moss is responsible for the concept and direction and has been doing this kind of mixed events since 1992. Prepare yourselves for a fascinating and unexpected collision of sport and music!

Music and concept David Moss
Conductor Jonathan Stockhammer

NorrlandsOperans Symfoniorkester

Show length: 2 hours 30 minutes, no pause.