Shape in Shambles

Concert 8.5–9.5


A musical discordance for Refused and orchestra

The hardcore band Refused from Umeå had the world at their feet for most part of the 1990s. They were reunited in 2012 for a limited number of appearances around the globe.

Taking his inspiration from their last album, the groundbreaking The Shape of Punk to Come, the composer and conductor Jonas Nydesjö is reworking the material in collaboration with Refused’s drummer David Sandström. The new music is independent of the original while also being a tribute to the album.

NorrlandsOperans Symfoniorkester will perform the concert twice during the MADE Festival, on Thursday May 8 and Friday May 9.

Jonas Nydesjö, who is regularly composing for the symphony orchestras in Sweden and soloist and artists from the jazz, classical and popular music scene. He has written music for film and television and co-worked with Ola Salo and Per Tengstrand among many other things.

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Music by Refused, re-composed by Jonas Nydesjö (world premiere)
Conductor: Jonas Nydesjö

In collaboration with Humlan.


Harmony and Chaos

Kenny Lindström is an illustrator, living in Umeå. NorrlandsOperan gave him a task similar to the one given to Jonas Nydesjö: to make his own interpration of The Shape of Punk To Come. This is the result, a perfect mix of harmony and chaos.