Mon Lean Duhát Jagi/I am 1,000 Years Old

Theatre 5.3–8.3


Mon Lean Duhát Jagi/I am 1,000 Years Old

Symbols etched into rock surfaces thousands of years ago. A 900-year-old Arabian coin at a Northern Sami sacrificial site. A Sami girl who pushes Christian missionary work in the north and the son of a Sami clergyman who is knighted and prevents the burning at the stake of alleged Sami shamans.

I Am 1,000 Years Old – Mon Lean Duhát Jagi is a thrilling musical journey through time and space that portrays both how Sami and Swedish history became intertwined and what happened when centuries of mutual respect were forgotten when mining entered the picture.

The performance is part of the Rock Art in Sápmi project.

Produced by Giron Sámi Teáhter in cooperation with the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Västerbotten Museum, NorrlandsOperan and Norrbottensmusiken/Norrbotten NEO.