Carmen Olsson dancing in 100 Migratory

Dance 1.3–9.3

A co-work including artist Monica L. Edmondson and dancer Carmen Olsson kicked off in 2012 and will continue through this year before it reaches its finale in the spring of 2014 with the exhibition 100 Migratory at Västerbottens museum. This is an examining installation displayed via glass objects, pictures and dancing.

As a part of the exposure, dancer Carmen Olsson (co-working with Norrlandsoperan), will create a performance that will be staged during the exhibition period. With the help of her Nordic and Spanish heritage Carmen Olsson has developed a personal style of  the Japanese dance form Buto – Mibudo. It is characterized by precision and a strong presence in every motion.

Carmen is also a trained landscape architect and possesses a great interest for visual arts and architecture, which has led to several collaborations with artists from other art forms.