Beethoven & Beyond

Concert 11.1–23.1


Beethoven & Beyond

All of Beethoven's symphonies plus nine newly-written pieces, talks, exhibition, food and drink. That's Beethoven & Beyond!

At four events over the course of twelve days we will be paying homage to one of history’s greatest composers – Ludwig van Beethoven. In addition to performing all nine of his symphonies in numerical order, we have also commissioned nine contemporary works inspired by the originals.

The following nine composers are participating:
B Tommy Andersson (b. 1964)
• Tobias Broström (b. 1978)
• Kim Hedås (b. 1965)
• Fredrik Högberg (b. 1971)
• Mats Larsson Gothe (b. 1965)
• Katarina Leyman (b. 1963)
• Kent Olofsson (b. 1962)
• Sven-David Sandström (b. 1942)
• Mirjam Tally (b. 1976)

All the performances will also be attended by Sweden’s leading Beethoven expert, Åke Holmquist, who will share facts and tell stories about Beethoven, his life and works.

Good music makes you hungry, so the gourmets at Duå have created a special Beethoven sausage, which will debut at the performances for sampling.

Last but not least, for Beethoven & Beyond we have filled our exhibition space Vita kuben, with Beethoven memorabilia, including letters, manuscripts, and masks etc.

We hope you will join us at this fantastic start to the Capital of Culture year.