NorrlandsOperan Music

A major aspect of NorrlandsOperan's commission is to promote and support Västerbotten County's music scene. Practical responsibility for achieving this rests largely with NorrlandsOperan's music department, NorrlandsOperan Musik. The department's mission includes producing concerts and festivals, organising support activities for the county's musical event organisers, music education initiatives, development projects and international exchanges. Its aim is to develop the local music scene and to strive to achieve a high artistic standard.

River Stories
As part of these efforts, NorrlandsOperan Musik also runs the European Capital of Culture project River Stories. By 2014, the project will have created a cohesive regional cultural programme and held a series of performances around the county. Its intermediate goals are to achieve increased regional commitment and involvement, to define and create meeting places and performance venues and to increase the number of activities organised by local stakeholders and their level of cooperation. Among the goals for regional cooperation and development are that the project will also strengthen, rejuvenate existing event organisers, and create new organisers in Västerbotten County. It will also create touring circuits for regional cultural events.

Music for children and youths
NorrlandsOperan also works to help children and youths to both experience and be involved in cultural activities, no matter where in the region they live. With this aim in mind, many of our activities are aimed at children and youths attending preschools, primary schools, upper-secondary schools and schools of music and culture. In addition to our travelling performances, NorrlandsOperan also initiates a number of projects aimed at encouraging young musicians' own creative efforts. One such project is Folksmedjan, a regional youth orchestra that helps to promote both individual and ensemble performances within the folk and world music genres. 

By collaborating with a host of local organisers, associations and organisations within Västerbotten County, NorrlandsOperan is able to help promote a vibrant cultural scene throughout the region. One of our most important cooperative partners is the Lapland music and theatre association MOTILI. Together, our two organisations produce a number of performances that tour the county.

Two Festivals
NorrlandsOperan produces and arranges two annual festivals on behalf of Umeå Municipality – the MADE dramatic arts festival in May and Umeå Jazz Festival in October.

The MADE festival began in 2006 and gone on to establish itself as an important event on the Swedish cultural calendar. In 2010, national television broadcaster SVT's Kulturnyheter culture programme named MADE as the hottest cultural phenomenon of the year, even over and above the likes of Tate Modern and the Cannes Film Festival. With its varied programme, MADE creates a venue for surprising experiences and exciting encounters. Music, Art, Dance, Experience – MADE has masses of everything! Read more at

Umeå Jazz Festival was first held in 1968 and continues to be one of Sweden's best arenas for contemporary jazz and improvised music. The festival is an important platform for both Swedish and international jazz and, over the years, has earned an excellent reputation internationally. Read more at

Head of department
Marco Feklistoff

Producer, children/youths productions & folk music
Markus Falck

Producer, music & artistic leader Umeå Jazz Festival
Lennart Strömbäck

Producer, music & project manager River Stories
Erik Palm

Production assistent River Stories
Erik Enström

Projekt manager, MADE Festival
Elin Hellrönn